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Inside the 8 Week Program

8 Week Program, 6 Days / Week

Full Body Functional Fitness

Shred Body Fat & Build Muscle

~ 60 Minute Workouts

How it Works


Over 200+ Exercises

The functional fitness program contains over 200 exercises paired in a way that will challenge your body and mind. The program is designed to build muscle, burn fat and make you more athletic, delivered in an exciting and easy to follow format.


Video Instruction

The functional fitness program is designed with instructional videos and “quick GIFs” that enhance the user experience. Scroll through your program and see looped demonstrations of every exercise along with a link for a full youtube breakdown.


Mobile & PDF Version

The program features custom mobile and PDF versions to ensure you have access anywhere, anytime in a format that works for you. Whether you require video instruction or prefer written format, The functional fitness program has you covered.

Functional Fitness Program


  • Access to 40 workouts over 8 weeks that include strength, mobility, high intensity interval training and active recovery days.
  • Full instructional youtube links with easy to follow GIFs for each exercise.
  • Mobile and PDF versions for easy access and clear instruction.
  • Bonus email content.
  • Access to private facebook community for group support.

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