Our Story

My name is Reid Edmondson, a former professional hockey player turned active police member and the founder of Fit for Service.  After my career in hockey, I built on the knowledge and experience I acquired from over 10 years of professional athletic training, became a certified Crossfit instructor and worked as a personal trainer for other athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. Though I loved my work in this profession, I felt my life was missing certain elements. I wanted to be part of a team, a community of difference makers that worked for a common goal bigger than themselves. After years of hard work, I became a police officer.

Now after working in this role for a few years, i’ve coupled my experience as an athlete and personal trainer and developed a training platform built to improve strength, flexibility and overall mental and physical fitness for working service men and woman worldwide.

My mission is to inspire others to smash their fitness goals and achieve a level of mental and physical wellness they never thought possible.

Welcome to Fit for Service!